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Even as a wee child, my mind worked in metaphors and similes, connotations and circumlocutions. Though I did not know it at the time, I had already begun to hone my craft. As I reached adolescence, my education became more and more concentrated on literature. Sciences and vocational electives fell by the wayside as I delved into history, mythology, English, and fiction.

As I grew into my own, I desired to join this society of storytellers and sought a creative outlet so that I might share my musings with others. Throughout adolescence, I began to write; short stories, novelettes, poetry, these delineations developed my craft as a writer but felt impersonal, even disconsoling. I sought more interactive methods of writing that could allow me to shape stories with my friends and family; something we could share and love together.

When I was about fourteen I had been introduced to the world of tabletop roleplaying games in the same way that many did; a friend introduced me to Dungeons & Dragons. Now, having been raised in a Christian home that was also rather conservative (which are two separate things, mind you), I was taught to believe that Dungeons and Dragons and other tabletop roleplaying games were occultic in nature.

My parents, both of whom are wise, highly intelligent people, grew up in the eighties during what many refer to as the 'Satanic Panic'. This was a time when the general populace of the United States developed a growing concern with Satanic and Occult activity in the media and in positions of authority. Many prominent Christian authors and orators spoke out against alleged Satanic conspiracies and made claims associating Dungeons and Dragons among other franchises with occultism and pagan sorcery.

Enough prominent figures supported these claims that many who had never known much of the subject trusted their judgement, my family included. So a great struggle began, between the beliefs I was raised with and my desire to further my literary aspirations. For years, my faith and my interest in Dungeons & Dragons could not be reconciled in my mind because of these notions impressed upon me and my family before me.

But as I grew into my own personage, my walk with the Lord became more intimate. My faith became a product of my relationship with God, rather than my relationship with my parents, and I began to study the Word. And as it may already be evident to you by the nature of my articles, found no true conflict between tabletop games and Christianity; only misrepresented information and simple misunderstandings, propagated like a game of Telephone around a campfire.

On the contrary, I have found tabletop games to be an incredibly useful tool in discipleship and ministry and encourage Christians to use it as a tool to glorify God. This, in fact, has become a primary tool in my ministry through fellowship and discipleship, and as you can imagine, is a great passion of mine. In the meantime, I am supported by an incredible fiance, a loving family, and an encouraging body of believers.

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