Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Long Days and Longer Work Schedules

    And so I've returned from my fourteen hour shift and the brick factory. And now, as I look forward to my next fourteen hour shift in eight hours, I'm left to carefully juggle sleep and blogging. So this week I'll maintain that brevity is the better part of valor, to paraphrase the venerable adage (and to quote a certain favorite pillow-wielding actor at the same time, bonus point if you can guess!). Life is hectic. Theological debates, sporadic-but-heavy-handed work hours, helping out with my roommates adorable children, church, bible study, I could continue ad infinitum.

My point, well, I have no point. I'm simply writing what my fingers choose to articulate on the keyboard. Today, unfortunately, will not be a day of tabletop insight or theological discussion. Instead, I have a silly video to share with you.I believe there is one expletive in the second half of the skit, so for those particularly sensitive to harsh language, be forewarned. But don't worry! It's still relevant.

Even if it is super dorky.

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