Thursday, March 5, 2015

Toes In the Water: FATE Core

So I've been hearing a lot of talk about the FATE system, as I'm sure many of you have already. There's been many discussions in Reddit about it, and many of the podcasts I listen to have given it lauds as a very unique and fun system. Happyjacks RPG Podcast and Saving the Game have talked many times about the system and piqued my interests in it as a sort of free-form, narrative driven system. The Critical Hit podcast over at Major Spoilers has even started an Actual Play of FATE Core, where they've devised their own superhero game set in Florida of all places.

I took a look at the system online to get a general idea of how it worked and found myself interested enough to purchase the rulebook. After fooling around with it for a few weeks, I thought I'd let you all know how it went!

So to give you a general idea of the game, Fate is system-agnostic. That is to say, it is not specifically tailored to fit any sort of genre. You could use Fate to play a game that's a fantasy, a sci fi, a noir, or anything else. It plays pretty loosely and seems to use the rules as a supplement to developing a game instead of basing a game around the rules of the system. Because of this, it's pretty easy to plug any setting into the system. My friends have I have been looking for a system to play Mass Effect, Borderlands, and JSRF themed games in, and usually resort to either overhauling a system to make it compatible, or using a lot of improvisation and handwaving. Overall, I'm loving the play, but I'm still getting used to the flow of the system. I'm not used to such a free-flowing, really rules-light style of play.

Right now, my fiance and I are playing a game based in the world of Hunter x Hunter (an anime), and were able to jump into the game pretty smoothly without having to modify mechanics, adjust or create rules, or re-flavor the system.

You can check out the rules online here, and I definitely recommend listening to the Fate game they're doing over at Critical Hit. They've entitled it 'Modern City', and give an amazing example of communicating and building settings and characters together.

What have you guys been playing lately? Have you discovered a new RPG that you're loving? Spread the love and let me know! One of my favorite parts of RPG's is learning cool new systems.

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