Monday, August 11, 2014

A Matter of What's On My Heart.

Hello, ladies and gentlemen. I apologize that I have not presented you with an entertaining article over the past week. I know that it is important to maintain consistency, especially when first starting out on the internet, but my heart has not been in games and leisure as of late. All across the internet, I've been bombarded with soul-crushing news of activity in the Middle East. I know, I know, you came here for entertainment, now this guys getting all political. Though agonizing sorrow and unbridled rage well up inside me, I want to bring this to attention in lowliness.

Over the past week, I have been writing and researching for my next article, which would take a look at worldbuilding and creating a campaign setting, but I find myself unable to think creatively or write with eloquence or locution. My mind keeps wandering back to the Christians being slaughtered in Iraq, and I cannot bring myself to invest my time in games while something so devastating is affecting Christians on the other side of the world.

If you haven't heard, a terrorist organization by the name of ISIS (or the Islamic State of Iraq) has risen to considerable power in Iraq and begun an 'ethnic cleansing' of all the Christians in Iraq. They've killed thousands of Christians, beheading their children and putting their heads on pikes, raping the women to death or selling them into sex slavery, and torturing and hanging the husbands.

I will not be posting 'shock' images or videos (although ISIS has been too kind in video taping their own exploits and providing them to the masses), as I find that distasteful and quite frankly, have not seen any of them. I'm too afraid to see that suffering. However, there is a lot of information and news about it on the internet. So please, spread awareness, stay informed, and I beg of you, on my knees in humility, please, pray for these people.